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How It Works

How we take care of your finances

Financial Planning Process

Bespoke Financial Advice offers independent financial advice to HNWIs specifically designed around their individual circumstances.

We will help you to review your existing financial situation and reach a representative assessment of your likely needs. For this, you will need to put aside some time to talk to us. There's no charge, and no obligation, whilst we assess whether it is worth going ahead.

Depending on your instructions we will then perform a 'needs analysis' built on your current situation, and taking a view of any plans or goals you may have. We will proceed to advise you on anything from a short term financial strategy to a lifetime financial plan, followed up with regular reviews.

1. Getting to know you

Determine your goals for your financial future and how we can help you achieve them.


2. Information Gathering 

Confirm your current situation by completing a Fact Find as well as an Investment Risk Questionnaire.


3. Research and Analysis 

Assess and identify any gap in achieving your desired objectives - create an action plan.


4. Presenting your Financial Plan 

Discuss and explain our recommendations in line with your Financial Objectives.


5. Implementing your Plan 

Complete all necessary documentation.


6. Ongoing Review 

To adapt Plan if circumstances change and/or regular monitoring to ensure plans are continuing to meet Financial Goals.

Cashflow Modelling

We use cash flow modelling as part of our methodology to generate potential future financial scenarios for you.


By taking into account your objectives and making reasonable assumptions, cash flow modelling provides a real-time picture of your future financial situation, including the impact of potential unforeseen circumstances.


This tool makes it easier to understand the potential consequences of taking money out for a specific event or whether to boost your investing strategy to make up for potential deficits.


The basic premise is that it provides a realistic picture of your financial future and helps set the stage for other financial choices. If you wanted to know how buying a house, starting a business, or going on a dream vacation would influence your wealth, it would tell you. Alternatively, you might want to consider what you could do with an unexpected windfall.


It allows you to update and renew it as your life changes, giving you an accurate view of your financial future at all times.

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